Casinos and Technology

With the huge sums of money changing hands in casinos and continued advances in technology come further attempts from people to try and cheat them with new techniques. This means that casinos need to stay ahead of the game. Here we look at several of the modern forms of technology in place that are used to combat these cheats.

Surveillance - Facial Recognition

Online casino bonus from virtual security but with the size of physical casinos continuing to grow it is of course impossible for security staff to keep an eye on all people who enter. That is why they use facial recognition to support them. This form of security is where the vast amount of cameras throughout the different rooms create a biometric facial expression of an individual and then search for a match in their database. This will then notify them of a previous offender or high roller. Many of the casinos will share information on a database called SIN so if you are banned from one then another will be notified of this. The same process is used before you walk through the door reading car number plates in many locations.

Angel Eye – Electronic Security System

Baccarat is one of the most popular games played in casinos over the world having originated from France back in the 14th century. The Angel Eye was a security system that supports the dealers from the cheaters. It is now used in over 80% of casinos in Australia and Macau; home of the largest venues in the world. The system works by reading an invisible ink that is printed on the cards before they are dealt leading to it detecting if a card has been removed. This means that if they have been changed by a player it will notify them which would have gone unnoticed by the dealer in the past.

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) Chips

Stealing chips in casinos, cashing them in and walking out richer is a thing of the past. This is down to RFID chips. This is where the chips will send a set frequency to a transmitter and if they are counterfeit and not from their specific location they will not pass through and be unable to be cashed in. An example of this working was in Las Vegas at the renowned hotel and casino Bellagio. A large sum of chips were stolen but were nullified using this technology before they were able to cash them in saving the casino a vast sum on money.


Motion-Detecting Roulette Wheels

Though not to the same extent of the level of cheating as mentioned in the other sections but still another problem for casinos to monitor. This software works by not allowing chips to be put down once the ball is at a certain speed. This is a problem that occurs regularly with people attempting to put chips down after the spin has begun. This helps the dealer to stay on top of people trying to get an upper hand.