How to Choose a Lottery Syndicate to Join


One of the options that you may consider for playing the lottery is joining a syndicate. Before you decide if you wish to join one, let’s get to know what a syndicate is and how you should go about getting into one. What is a lottery syndicate? It’s a group of lottery players that put together their money to purchase more tickets, thus enhancing the chances of winning. If the group wins the jackpot, the prize will be equally divided among the syndicate members.

Types of Syndicates

There are generally a couple of types of lottery syndicates. They are online and offline lottery syndicates. An offline lottery syndicate is a group that is formed by members who personally meet or see each other. These people might be your friends, workmates, relatives, or any people that you see in person. An online lottery syndicate on the other hand is also composed of various people, which you may or may not personally know. The difference is that the group communicates online. It could be that they come from different places, but they don’t have to meet in person as everything is managed and done over the Internet.

Choosing a Lottery Syndicate to Join

You might have to share a win with a number of people in your syndicate, but there’s a big chance that your group will take home the jackpot because you’ll be purchasing more tickets, compared to you purchasing tickets by yourself. However, not all group syndicates are the same, so you need to search around and get to know them before deciding which one to join.

First, read the terms and conditions to determine how a syndicate works. You’ll learn about the fees and payments in case your syndicate wins. Determine if they have a guarantee, as not all syndicates offer this. An online lottery syndicate such as e-Luk is one of those that do. Their guarantee is to give back your membership fee upon your request if your syndicate doesn’t win any prize at the end of your membership; clearly one of many e-Luk advantages. Also, tickets are purchased in advance to ensure your group doesn’t miss any e-Luk draw.

Make sure that the syndicate that you are joining is trusted and reliable so as not to miss the weekly draws and so that you’ll get your part of the prize if you win. There was an instance in the past in which winnings were not given to some syndicate members and this is something that you want to avoid, so see to it that you’re only dealing with a proven and trustworthy group. Reading feedback, reviews, as well as personally asking other lottery syndicate members are ways to get to know more about your syndicate options.