Poker Mobile 2014 - Industry begins showing More Promise

Several years ago, mobile poker showed about as much viability as a hovercraft. However, all of this has changed lately since poker sites have made huge advancements with their mobile products. And thanks to these developments, the industry is showing some real promise. This being said, let's discuss some exciting aspects of poker mobile 2014.

1. Fast-Fold Games are Available

Perhaps the newest and most-exciting mobile poker development this year is that more sites are rolling out fast-fold variants. Action moves much quicker in fast-fold games because when you fold hands, you're quickly taken to another table with a new hand. The thing to love about this is that you don't have to waste time waiting on others to act when you've already folded.

2. High Stakes Play

If you've ever heard that mobile poker doesn't offer high stakes, you'll be happy to know that this is no longer true today. Some wireless poker rooms offer stakes that go as high as $25/$50. And while Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom may not find this enticing enough, $25/$50 NL games are really big stakes to most players.

3. More Sites are offering Tournaments

A huge downside to mobile poker has been that many sites only offer cash games. Seeing as how lots of players get into poker with their eyes on big tournament prizes, this is very unfortunate. Luckily, though, the mobile industry is coming around as an increasing number of sites are now featuring tournaments in their lobbies too. They don't always offer the largest prize pools, but this will come eventually.

4. Lots of Recreational Players are choosing Mobile Poker

Most people who play online poker aren't looking for a challenge, but rather an easier path towards the money. Assuming you'd like to be on this path, mobile poker is definitely a good place to start. That's because most wireless players are simply looking to play poker for a little bit while they're out and about. This being the case, you can make some good money while you're grinding on the mobile scene.

5. Some Sites have Lots of Different Games

There are certain poker operations that have done an excellent job of transferring their PC and Mac offerings to their mobile product. The end result is that players can enjoy a larger variety of poker games these days. Some of the biggest online poker rooms offer everything from Badugi to 2-7 Triple Draw. Of course, there's always the classic Hold'em for players who want to stick with a mainstream poker variation.