Blackjack History

It is assumed that blackjack originated in France. The first recorded mention of this game called "vingt-et-un" (French 21) appears in the 17th century. Precise historical origin of blackjack is not like in other games, I know, there are only guesses. Assumed that blackjack was derived similar to the French card games. Gambling but based on accurate and balanced calculations, so that argument is very unlikely.

According to some experts on gambling blackjack was derived from a number of games including baccarat, seven and a half (Seven-And-A-Half) and Vingt-et-Un (known in America as "21" and in Australia as a Pontoon).

The names of the games you've certainly ever heard. What they have in common? About all the claims that are the precursors of today's blackjack. But no one can figure out exactly how blackjack is actually developed. You can play free roulette games here and win huge money online.

Soon after the French Revolution (1789) arrived at blackjack in the United States and became here because of its flexibility and freedom to quickly popular. Professional players soon realized that in blackjack are many ways to influence the probability of winning a bet. Without any government restrictions gambling flourished and ensure fertile soil for the growth and development of this unique game. This lasted until the early 19th cent., when the government of the United States realized that unregulated and uncontrolled gambling industry leads to corruption and creates an environment for organized crime. For additional local visit .

When the Las Vegas recovered after the riots, the popularity of blackjack casinos spread rapidly. While other U.S. states were still conservative and had no desire to re-establish casino gambling, Las Vegas has become a fast gaming center and blackjack was one of the first popular games. You can play free blackjack games here with top online casinos.

When this game was first introduced to America, was not very popular, so trying different casino bonuses to encourage players to try this game. For example, a player has won a bonus when he held the ace of spades and a black underpants (Eng. Black Jack). The name stuck even though the bonus was soon canceled.