Blackjack Rules of The Game

The game is played between the player and the dealer. The player's task - to get 21 points or close to this amount. If the amount is over 21, he loses his bet. A player may bet on one or more adjacent fields marked boxes on the table, according to the rules of the particular casino. Bids shall not exceed the maximum of the table and should not be less than the table minimum. The player must make a bet and click after which the cards are dealt. At the beginning the player receives two cards, the sum of which allows to decide whether to install additional maps. The dealer deals himself one card face up and also two cards, one of which turns.

A player may take an additional card or stop. A player can not take one more card, if the sum of his cards is already 21 points. Once the player has decided on their cards, the dealer starts dealing the cards themselves. The dealer must take a card if he has less than 17 points and stop if he has 17 or more points.If the total amount of points a player exceeds the sum of the dealer, but not more than 21, he wins and vice versa. If the player and the dealer the same amount of points - no winning or losing.

When calculating the amount of points are based on the value of the cards. Ace, the player chooses, will be counted as 11 or 1 point. The cards from two to ten corresponds to their face value. Picture cards (kings, queens, jacks) have the advantage of 10 points. "Blackjack" - a combination of an Ace and a card worth 10 points - can be put only on the first two cards of any playing boxing and paid in the ratio 3: 2.

If the first two cards a player has the same value, for example, two nines, two fours, two desyatiochkovym cards (queen, jack), and the like, such a combination may be divided into two new ones. In this case, the player has to double his initial bet. Dividing the cards, the dealer deals the player additional card to the first hand and complete the game moves to the second. If, after a second division ace card worth 10 points, it is not a combination of "Blackjack", and is considered to be the sum of the points 21. When the split aces, each ace is dealt one card. If after the deal on his hands were back card of the same value, the player can make one or more divisions, according to the rules of the particular casino.

It should be noted that even though the general rules are identical, but each has its own casino small differences. Many casinos are not allowed to give, after separation is sometimes not allowed to re-split or double, etc. Specific rules can be found in the casino, and about the different options - in the "Strategy" . Currently, the West Blackjack is the most popular card game in the casino. So it is not surprising that based on it began to create new games. On a separate page you can get acquainted with the rules of Pontoon, switch blekzheka, Caribbean and Spanish 21, 21 and a super fan of blackjack in the open. .