How to Play Sic Bo Online

The game of Sic Bo - one of the most popular casino offline entertainment in Central Asia. In other areas, this game is not so popular. However, on the Internet it can easily be found in many online casinos. Sic Bo is a certain kind of dice game. There are also different rates, but only played three dice with markings from 1 to 6. The process of the game looks a bit unusual for us, but the rules are quite simple.

The game can be involved several players, and they all play against the casino. To play in offline casinos used 3 classic dice handmade, on the opposite faces of which the digits are in the form of points 1-6, 2-5 and 3-4. Practically the same process of the game you'll see on your computer monitor if you start playing Sic Bo online for real money. As each playing against the house - all players in the game can make any rate independently. Bids in Sic Bo are different: a combination of different rooms or doubles, for a total amount of precipitated - a complete list of rates and payments on them you will always find in the rules of the casino.

Despite the fact that the game for real money Sic Bo seems some simple entertainment, players learned how to get out of this game a good profit. Therefore, if you decide to play Sic Bo on their money, the first thing you should do - is to decide how you feel about loyal to risk. Will depend on the amount and rate that you will be doing, and, of course, the subsequent "exhaust".

Playing with minimal risk . It is suitable for those who are just beginning to learn Sic Bo on "real coin" and not ready to gamble all your gaming bankroll. Adhering to the rule of the game, you should select the following types of bets: small bet, a large bet and the combination rate. Casino advantage with these rates the lowest - about 2.27%, so the risk is minimal.

If you decide to risk it, then you will approach bets on 8,9,12,13 and hedging its bets. Naturally, the amount of your bet should be almost equal to your bankroll - so boiling adrenaline at all! Well, if you represent a middle ground gambling nature, ie, want to get good wins, but are not willing to risk it all, then advise you to choose the rates on 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8. By the way, the amount of bets allowed in this case double. .