Online Backgammon

The aim of the game of backgammon - post checkers on the board at his home and remove them from the board as soon as possible. This is called a speed game, and when starting a new game, it is the most appropriate. But if your opponent starts with the same strategy, one of you will soon inevitably come from a distance, depending on how the dice fall, and how you play your role.

If you are in the struggle began to lose the field, you can go to the locking strategies. This means that instead of the movement of their sticks on the table as fast as you try to prevent the enemy from doing so. If you can not get around the enemy, it is best to apply the strategy of blocking in backgammon .

The strategy of blocking there are two main points: the blockade and prime. Blockade - it's just a wall of two or more checkers. By placing blockade in places where your opponent is likely to move, you give him the most problems. As you know, most likely move in backgammon - six points ahead. Therefore, every time you lock on six points from your opponent's checkers, this is the strongest blockade.

Prime - a series of unbroken blockades, two or more consecutive fields, each with two or more checkers.The enemy is becoming more difficult to pass a field in which there is prime. The most effective blockade in backgammon - it's six primes (six consecutive blocked field).

Six primes virtually impossible to pass, and once you do, the enemy will have nowhere to move locked checkers. With each roll of the dice, it has to move forward checkers, storing them in a pile away from home.Formation of six primes can decide the outcome of the game. If you can replace one piece, you should do everything possible to keep it intact, even if it means putting a blot other checkers and allow them to move the bar several times. .