Pai Gow Poker

This poker game does not occur in all online casinos. However, users in it like an easy and relaxed playing field. Playing Pai Gow poker for real money, you can simultaneously enjoy gambling experiences and opportunities to stretch their own account. It is known that the lion's share of hands here ends with a draw. And because the cost of the game is minimal.

One of the most popular games online. As a rule, it uses two names: Caribbean Poker, or Caribbean Stud Poker, and Poker Oasis (Oasis Roker). In common game is also called "pirate" poker. At first glance, the rules seem complicated, but with careful study can be sorted out pretty quickly. Some believe Caribbean Poker the most striking option card games, while others prefer to spend time with cheaper entertainment.

However, experienced players know that playing Caribbean Poker for real money, you can claim a pretty big win at the expense of the jackpot. Jackpots in this poker game is considered one of the most high.

Red Dog Poker- Card's belonging to a suit in Red Poker does not matter. The game is played between one player and the dealer casinos. When this card receives only player casino only provides payments and takes the player's chips in its defeat.

Experienced players will raise rates only if the original card slot is 7 points. With a smaller range game continues for the amount of the initial bet. It is a game most softens the house edge, which is inherently a Red Dog Poker. Incidentally, the advantage of the casino and, hence, chances of a player is directly dependent on the number of decks of cards in the game. For example, using the above strategy in a game with one deck house edge will be 3.15%, while in the game with eight decks - 2.75%. .