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The first casino slot machines created an auto mechanic from San Francisco, Charles Fay. In 1884 he collected manually first slot machine , which was a 3-disc machine with a hand lever. He gave her a resounding name "Liberty Bell." Each disc rotates independently at different speeds. The maximum gain was only half a dollar. However, the machine relished visitors gambling and gained popularity. The inventor had to abandon the manual assembly and organize factory production slot machines. This was the beginning of an era of gaming slot machines.

A little later, in 1901, was designed by Faye machine poker. He was the predecessor of modern electronic computers to play video poker . The popularity and profitability of machines and inspired other manufacturers to build their machines. Charles Eden, a host of competitors. This led to the fact that in every gambling and drinking establishments, where everyone has the opportunity to play slot machines.

Slots of the casino 40s., did not bring the first big income, players often prefer cards and roulette . But by '80 popularity machines caught up with board games, and later broke all records. No ban on gambling has not stopped the growth of large-scale popularity of machines and a large number of people continued to play slot machines. .