Rules of The Keno

Keno lottery game interesting with their results, the expectation of which is so exciting. This game is built entirely on luck, and it had a full winner's exactly the same chance of winning as there are an inexperienced player. You can start the game here .This, however, does not mean that the rules of the game is not even worth trying to remember. Keno will seem extremely exciting game once you learn the rules and betting system.

Royal tickets: Royal tickets are a subspecies of travel tickets, the difference between them lies in the fact that in addition to numerical groups, you put on some "royal" number, which is the same as the group circling. In ancient China, Keno was known as the White Dove. Apparently, the game got its name due to the fact that carry the winning numbers from the cities to the villages was the duty of the carrier pigeons.

Keno came to America with immigrants from China, many of whom settled in the middle of the 19th century on the West Coast in major cities such as San Francisco. The influx of Chinese immigrants as a result resulted in the dominance of Chinese culture. In the US mmigranty continued to play Keno, which was named as a result of the "Chinese lottery".First Keno is not taken root in American culture, mainly because it used symbols. Once in the evolution of the game characters have been replaced by numbers, keno has gained immense popularity.

Despite the fact that gambling was legalized in 1931 in Nevada, lottery casinos were banned. To circumvent the law, gambling establishments had to change the name of the 'Chinese lottery' to 'jump Keno ", the basic idea of ??which was that instead of lottery numbers the player bet on horse number in the hope that it will fall among the randomly selected numbers.

Soon, local authorities have developed a bill on which all side earnings casinos have become taxed, what the Dodgers casino again had to adapt. They changed the name of the game again, this time for a short "Keno", a name still preserved. .