Understanding Slot Machine Odds

Slot machines have been popular since time immemorial. They used to be referred to as ‘one-armed bandits’, because they were operated with one lever, and would often leave you penniless. Of course, now that they’ve been around for long enough, we all know how slot machine odds actually work.

In case you don’t know, this article has been written for your benefit. Whether you’re playing slots at the casino or with an online vendor, like Kerching Mobile Casino, it’s important you understand the principle behind slot machines.

Random Number Generator

Slot machines operate through a Random Number Generator, which works by throwing out up to five hundred random numbers per second. It works on a completely random basis, and is not pre-disposed to spitting out certain numbers.

Whether you’re playing on an old machine in a casino or playing slots online with your iPhone, the games work on the same principle, powered by the Random Number Generator.

Given that it’s completely random, you should understand that with every game you play, you run equal chances of losing as well as winning.

What is payback percentage?

This is something else you need to grasp before you try your hand at the slots. Most machines are designed to achieve Payback Percentage, which refers to a percentage of the cash given to the machine that will be paid back to the player.

For instance, if the payback percentage on a certain slot machine is set for 60 per cent, this means that the casino or website that runs the machine will take the remaining 40 per cent of the money collected. The rest will be paid out to a winning player.

Some general advice

In general, try and avoid playing slots without a player card. Getting a player card ensures that the casino will take good care of you, which is standard service across most casinos. Some people go as far to say that slot players get better comps than blackjack players do.

Try and avoid the glitzier ‘big’ slot games that try and distract you with neon lights. If you’re playing for money, try and go for the simpler games – they’re less fun, but if you win, you’ll win more.

Don’t rush things, either. You can always tell the experienced players from the inexperienced ones, because the latter tend to play hard and fast, and tend to lose most of their money very quickly.

A better strategy is to play slow, so you can leak out your fix over a longer period of time, instead of burning loads of money.